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December 2016
December 2016
Jyllinge, Denmark
December 2016
Roskilde-Museum, Denmark
December 2016
Roskilde , Denmark
December 2016
Roskilde , Denmark
December 2016
Mont de Marsan, France
Febuary 2014
Lönneberga, Sweden
April 2011
KEG Gaz, Hungary
June 2013
Manila, Philippines
Febuary 2014

NoFloods Mobile Barrier saves Gas Plant from flooding

Hungarian gas company KEG Gaz, 80 km north of Budapest, has a major underground gas reservoir and its operations were threatened by the flood water from the Danube River.

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NoFloods Mobile Barrier makes French national TV news

In the beginning of 2014, the cities of Dax and Mont de Marsan in the French region Les Landes were facing serious floodings.The rising water from the river Bidouze flooded...

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NoFloods barrier kept the floodwater in Jyllinge, Denmark

When the storm Egon hit Denmark the local authorities in Roskilde summoned environment solutions to assist them in protecting the area from flooding...

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We are pleased to welcome you to the NoFloods product website.
NoFloods is a range of mobile flood barrier systems designed and manufactured by Environment Solutions ApS.
Environment SolutionsApS is a company based in Denmark and specializes in a wide range of flood defense systems
Environment Solutions designs, manufactures, supply and install flood defense systems, including Flood barriers(NoFloods Mobile Barriers) Flood reservoirs (GVOIR) and Alu barriers (NoFloods Alu Barriers).
Our NoFloods Mobile Barriers are designed, tested and manufactured to extremely high standards,which means that they provide flexible, strong and dependable flood protection.The latest years flooding has shown the commercially devastating nature of floods.
The NoFloods Mobile barriers offer flexible and effective flooding defense to reduce the risk andconsequences of flooding for people, critical infrastructure and the environment.
The NoFloods Barriers can be deployed and used for virtually any situation and as one of the only flood defense systems on the market the
NoFloods Barrier can be deployed both BEFORE (Preventive) flooding and AFTER  (curative) flooding has occurred.It is our ultimate goal to make the  the most effective, cost-efficient, flexible and dependable solution in the world for temporary flood protection.
We believe we have achieved that today! 

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NoFloods Barriers

The NoFloods Mobile Barrier is the most effective and flexible first line of protection both BEFORE flooding and AFTER flooding has occurred. As the only solution on the market the NoFloods Mobile Barrier can be deployed AFTER flooding has occurred directly in the water to protect critical infrastructure.

Confidence in one solution

The Nofloods Mobile Reservior and the GVOIR (Giant Mobile Reservoir) is designed and produced by Environment Solutions Aps. We have invested actively in creating the most cost efficient and effective solution for temprorary flood protection as well as temprorary storage of liquids. Our products are solutions are based on more than 12 years of expirience of dealing with floods and natural disasters!

NoFloods Gvoir

GVOIR is highly differentiated from other standard solutions for temprorary liquid storage, which are by tradition limited by their original size. The GVOIR has a unique and modular approach, which enables temprorary storage of unlimited quantities of liquid as a ”stand alone” system or an ”Add on” to existing reservoirs.